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Celebrating Black Motherhood

Samantha, I was inspired to create a series of art around Black motherhood. In our community in particular (Madison, Wisconsin) the infant mortality rates of Black babies has climbed and crossed ever line of Blackness. And it has impacted me and others in my family on a personal level.

I am grateful for the work of Lisa Peyton-Caire and the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness around this critical issue in the Black community that is at the core of our very survival! #BlackBabiesMatter and when we listen to and #believeblackwomen lives are saved!

I was also reminiscent of an era gone by of Black midwives who birthed my mother and her mother before her; who were displaced by white women who took over the valuable work of Black midwives in our communities. They helped us bring life when white hospitals did not want our Black bodies or Black babies in them. I rejoice at the infusion of Black Doulas and the resurgence of Black Midwives in the birthing field. It makes a difference for us and our babies! I dare say our survival depends on it!

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Affirmation Activity and Coloring Books

It's so important for Black girls to see themselves reflected in artwork. My newest "I Am Kind!" Coloring and Activity Book is dedicated to the kindest person I know, my daughter Alexandra!!! It is nurturing kindness within. Enjoy a wonderful collection of coloring pages, fun activities, and projects about kindness that you can make to share with others. You can also purchase or sponsor "I Am Joy!" and “I Am Wonderful!" to help Black girls maintain their girlhoods by supporting them with activities that are Black-girl centered and related. With every $30 donation, Defending Black Girlhood will be able to gift Black girls with an "I Am Wonderful" Affirmation Kit.
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Art during Black Women's Wellness Day

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, September 30th: Monona Terrace, 1 John Nolen Dr, Madison

I'm excited to be selling my inspiring and healing artwork in support of Defending Black Girlhood! Come stock up on your greeting cards, frames, bookmarks, painted rock art, and more! Check out over 60+ other vendors and exhibits when you REGISTER NOW at BWWDAY.ORG.

Stop Rescheduling Joy!

I recently preached for the first time about my cancer diagnosis, sleepless nights, tormenting thoughts, medication...and, yes, JOY! This was also the first time I preached in the presence of both my mother and father. The sermon was titled "Stop Rescheduling Joy," because the season, the moment, the time is always NOW for joy. In your situation, in what you're going through, look for the Lord and choose joy! You can watch the June recording from Fountain of Life starting at the 53 minute mark. You can also catch my another sermon titled "Bittersweet" from the August service, where I share what I answer when people ask me how I'm doing.

Defend Black Girlhood Through Awareness

One of the ways you can defend Black girls is through awareness. There are several books, articles, documentaries, and movies that can expand your knowledge and challenge your thinking, including this report:
The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness has partnered with the Dane County Health Council to uncover solutions to lower the incidence of low birth weight babies born to Black mothers in Dane County, which puts them at increased risk of health challenges.


Here are some new Peace and Joy Healing rocks that I'm creating in preparation for the Black Women's Wellness Day Market. Prices range from $20-$50 depending on the size. Reach out to order yours today! You can also visit Amazon and Society6 to purchase a variety of other coloring books, planners, journals, and artwork.


The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is a local nonprofit whose mission is to energize, mobilize and support Black Women to transform their health and their lives through education, advocacy, support, and powerful partnerships.
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In The News

The Little Book Project WI interviewed me for an artist profile to be featured on their website this year. Here's one of the questions they asked and how I responded:

How do you continually discover new artistic inspiration?

"I follow other artists to check out their work. I also take classes to grow as an artist. I draw all the time. Practice may not make perfect, but it certainly makes you better! "


Tune in as we revisit some of the incredible conversations had during Seasons 1 and 2 of the Defending Black Girlhood podcast. In this episode, we thought it important to not only remember where we started, but how this continues to be relevant today. In "Ground Zero," Lilada Gee passionately advocates for the importance of healing ourselves and how, when we heal the Black girl inside of us, we can better defend Black girlhood to come.
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My artwork is featured on cans of Justi-I-ed PA, a tasty hazy IPA beer from Working Draft Beer Company.

A portion of proceeds go to support Lilada's Healing Art and Justified Anger!

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